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Most Delightful Contemporary Wood kitchen cabinets

Updated: Feb 26

Contemporary wood kitchen cabinets are increasingly becoming popular. For a modern-style residence, a simple and robust wooden decore is a great choice. Wood is always a delightful choice for a kitchen, blending the warmth and appeal of natural material into the entire space. At the same time, it is a daunting task to choose the wood that fits your taste as the wood comes with distinct characteristics depending on the wood species.

Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets
Explore Wood Species for Contemporary Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets are also known as contemporary kitchen cabinets or European-style kitchen cabinets. Materials used in modern cabinets are usually synthetic such as metal, concrete, plastic, or glass. These materials give a clean, sleek feel. However, it sometimes gives off too much of a cold or sterile feel.

Modern Wooden Kitchen Cabinets can Help This Situation.

To avoid this, you could definitely incorporate natural wood tone into their contemporary design to warm the kitchen up a bit. As a kitchen cabinet builder I always wanted to incorporate modern wood kitchen cabinets into contemporary spaces to create something modern, yet a softer and warmer feel…Just like myself, my past clients were attracted to the idea of having modern cabinets but “this cold feel” was not exactly what they were looking for….

Modern Walnut Kitchen Cabinets
Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Architectural Custom plywood products can be found in high-end architectural projects here in the USA. As we have worked in the remodeling industry we have come to realize more and more people are demanding the look and feel of natural wood. Specifically, we have realized the European kitchen cabinets industry is expanding but the selection of natural wood is fairly limited. There are more species to explore!

Modern White Oak Kitchen Cabinets
White Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Different Wood Species for Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets

In natural woods, color variations occur across a wide range. They vary from light-colored shades like nearly white or yellows to darker tones like purples or even nearly black. In between the light and the dark, there are oranges, golden tones, browns, cinnamons, and shades of red. And color plays a major role in determining the final choice of wood.

Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets Species
Modern Wood Cabinet Species

The light-colored wood

White Oak

White oak is fairly straight-grained and is a favorite material that is usually available quarter sawn. The grain in quarter sawn white oak has a striking ray flake pattern. White oak is a popular choice for modern wood kitchen cabinets.

Modern Oak Cabinets
Modern Oak Shaker Cabinets

White Oak Cabinets
White Oak Vanity

White Ash

Ash is known for its light color, smooth grain. Ash trees grow throughout the east coast and some parts of Canada. Wood grains are typically straight. Ash wood is a very attractive option for fine furniture.

Quater sliced wood has less pronounced grains. As you can see from the pictures above wood gives different impressions depending on how they are sliced.

Medium to Golden colored wood


Teak Wood is quite popular for many different applications all over the world. It is also known as one of the more expensive wood. The wood grain of teak is straight with some occasional waviness. It darkens with age. Teak can be yellow to a golden brown. Depending on the part of the tree the shade varies.


Walnut kitchen cabinets are the most well-known and popular modern wood kitchen cabinets at this moment. Walnut wood is desired for its warm and mellow feel. Mid century modern cabinets with walnut are definitely becoming a popular choice. Just as much as solid walnut kitchens we have been getting many requests for two-tone kitchens using walnut and white cabinet doors lately.

Dark Colored Wood

Fumed Wood

Fumed wood has been exposed to ammonia gas. A nice dark color is brought out in the process of the ammonia reacting with the natural tannins in the wood. European Oak is often species preferred for fuming because of its high tannin content.

Great Additions great Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Transitional Style Doors

Wood Species is one thing to talk about. However, there are people who want some accents added to modern wood kitchen cabinets. It is totally understandable! Its traditional framed doors have rounded, milled edges for the classic window frame look. Alternatively, a sharper, cleaner look can be achieved with the frame style. If you are looking for something “the classic meets the modern,” this is a perfect choice!

Rift White Oak Slim Shaker
Rift White Oak Slim Shaker

Slim Shaker Kitchen Cabinets
Slim Shaker Styles

Our custom cabinets feature cabinet doors from many different wood species with varieties of finishes. There are close to 30 different wood varieties.

Floating Shelves

Would you like to quickly add rustic warmth and style to your kitchen? Floating wood shelves are a great addition to any style of kitchen. They help you organize your kitchen while it makes a statement with modern appeal. Wall shelf creates space-saving extra storage. freeing up essential space in a room.

Brief summary Natural wood European kitchen cabinet

· Modern kitchen cabinets are also known as European kitchen cabinets.

· incorporating natural wood tone into their contemporary design to warm the kitchen up.

· Wood species could be categorized into different color tones.

· Transitional doors or wood floating shelves could be a great addition to your modern style kitchen.

If you like the idea of “the classic meets the modern”, please check out the page about Mid-century modern cabinets. We are introducing exclusive exotic species that we can provide. The page also talks about our custom plywood panels used for our Bespoke series.


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