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Thank you for visiting Modern Cabinets Direct, I wanted to introduce myself as well as our Company. We are based in Woodinville, Washington Nestled in the Sammamish River Valley, just 30 minutes from Seattle and home to over 100 wineries.

Originally, I was not overly impressed by the modern cabinet designs that are found on the current market as the modern cabinet materials are typically off the shelf. There is no unique profiles or finishing options traditional wood cabinet doors would offer. There is almost no room to customize. I saw little originality. I always have this concept – "I produce originals." I came across the beauty of handcrafted wood materials that is truly multi faced and one of kind. These handcrafted wood doors are made in very traditional way but surprisingly bring super contemporary feel yet warm.  The art of old-world craftsmanship is revived and reimagined for the modern world. The warmth of real wood through our Bespoke line definitely put a soul back into modern cabinets. 

I have always thought that there should be more efficient way to order cabinets than what was available. At Modern Cabinets Direct we help guide you through the process of understanding the steps and challenges most people might face with. As a result, designing and order cabinets are not overwhelming. We offer design services, as well as options to fully customize your Cabinets.

I am always excited to guide my clients along in their remodeling journey!


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