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Modern Bathroom Vanity Production

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

We were contacted by a client located in Everett, WA. The project was to produce two vanity cabinets for his new bathroom. The request was to create modern cabinets with some nice wood grain.

Designing Modern Wood Cabinets

When it comes to custom veneer materials, our design process revolves around collaboration with the client & material, not a catalog. This creates a unique dynamic is why we can never make the same cabinets twice. These are some images that I originally shared with my client for inspiration.

Out of these choices the client liked Japanese Tamo. Then he started wondering if we get something with less pronounced wood grain. So, we decided to explore quarter-sliced wood grains. Generally, plain sliced veneers come with more pronounced grain patterns compared to quarter sliced veneers. These are images that I shared with him to explore some ideas of quarter-sliced veneers.

walnut quarter sliced

White Ash quarter sliced

I am sure that You see the difference in grain patterns. At this point, we are settled to go with quarter sliced veneers. The question was all about which wood species to go with. Then we came back to his original choice, Japanese Tamo after him seeing this inspirational image.

Get your Sample made

Once we decide which wood species you like we can produce a custom sample before we proceed. It is also ok that you get a few samples to make your final decision. This is the sample we produced for the client.

In the original inspirational image, the veneers were applied randomly which means we create a board using veneers from different lots mixed. However, this client preferred to have more consistency. So, this project was built with a single lot of veneers. Depending on how veneers are applied they give different impressions.

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