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Shipping Information

All Custom cabinet parts are handcrafted to your exact specifications and delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the continental USA. 

  • Each item in your project is built-to-order and boxed/ wrapped for delivery.

  • Your purchase will be coming in at least 3 separate shipments. 

  • Lead time for your product depends on the product line you are ordering.

  • You will receive a tracking number for each shipments when your project is shipped.

  • Your exact delivery date will vary based on your location and the time of year.

What is included in Package 1

  • Doors

  • Drawer Fronts

  • Finished applied Panels

  • Moldings

  • Toekicks

cabinet door packing

What is included in Package 2

  • Cabinet box parts

  • Shelves

  • Drawer boxes

  • Drawer hardware

  • leg leveler (If you choose that way)

  • Toekick backer

Cabinotch package

What is included in Package 3

  • Door Hinges

  • Any other accessories (Lazy susan parts, pull out systems etc..)

Damaged Shipments

Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction, which is why we pride ourselves on ensuring your custom cabinet parts arrive in pristine condition. Unfortunately, mistakes happen and shipments can occasionally be delayed, go missing or arrive damaged.

Please inspect your order thoroughly within 48 hours* of delivery for any potential damages or missing pieces.

In the unlikely event that your order is missing items or arrives in less-than-perfect condition, please note the damages directly on the BOL with as much detail as possible and contact us ASAP to file a freight claim. Be sure to include the following documentation, which is required for processing:

  • A copy of the BOL

  • Detailed notes on any damages

  • Photos of all shipping crates and packaging

  • Photos of any damaged item

Finally, be sure to save all of the packing material as the shipper may require this as evidence during the claim process.

* Freight claims reported to Modern Cabinets Direct outside of the 48-hour delivery window are void. All shipping claims have to be reported in written forms.

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