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Most Stunning Beech wood cabinets

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Beech wood is one of a favorite in modern interiors. They are often straight grained wood with a very fine, even texture. While Beech naturally has a creamy, almost white color those found in maple wood and birch wood. It is easy to stain, but beech wood cabinets could be especially beautiful with a natural finish when interesting characters naturally existing in the wood used.

Beech Kitchen Cabinets with Matte Black Doors
Beech Kitchen Cabinets

Plain Sliced Beech

Beech is pale cream in color though it does sometimes appear to be pale pink or light brown. Beech wood generally has a very straight grain and a natural luster.

Spalted Beech

Spalted wood is any wood that went though the process of decaying or rotting as a result of a specific range of airborne fungus. When the fungus begins to grow within the wood, the process is referred to as “spalting.” Spalted beech is one of the rarest and unique woods available. The process of spalting creates random lines and patterns in the wood. It often makes some amazing designs in wood. Just like any wood species, every tree has distinct characteristics, but spalting alters the tree’s appearance in ways that cannot be replicated. The wood grain with marble like structure is attractive, lively and one of a kind. It offers authentic contrast to other materials.

Beech Wood Cabinets

More Materials for Perfect Beechwood Cabinets

We manufacture all Bespoke cabinet doors and drawer fronts with high-quality custom wood veneer panels for beautiful kitchens. Each panel is made with personal touch. There are some more varieties of materials for perfect beechwood cabinets.

Rustic Beech

Rustic Beech Kitchen Cabinets
Rustic Beech Kitchen Cabinets

Olive Beech

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