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Cabinet System Price

We made the price list of our cabinet system with standard sizes for your convenience. This price includes following: cabinet boxes, shelves, drawer boxes and drawer slides. DOORS AND DRAWER FRONTS AND DOOR HINGES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE.

What if I need Custom Size?

If you need 3 drawer base cabinet with 22" in depth, please find the price of 3 drawer base cabinet 24" and add $50 design fee. For instance, 3DB 24 is $587.94. Then add $ 50 design charge. The cost is $637.94.

Or you can send us the list of cabinets you need. We are happy to give you an estimate!

Door Price Guide

Doors and Drawer fronts have too many variables to make a flat rate pricing structure as each project is unique. We thought it best to make a few examples of how pricing can change depending on the materials used.

Kitchen A


Design: Albany

Color: Cotton

moder kitchen cabinets - modern cabinets direct - conestoga cabinets

Kitchen B

wood veneer


American Red Gum 

Color: Clear Coat


Kitchen C


Westminster PP

Top: Designer white

Bottom: Cadet grey

Doors Used for Sample Price

Door 1
connestoga wood albany


Design: Albany

Species: Maple

Finish: Driftwood

Door 2
connestoga wood arlington

Conestoga West

Design: Arlington

Species: PG Maple

Finish: Cotton

Door 3
connestoga wood synchronicity



Super Matte Black

Door 4
connestoga wood walnut


Design: Savoy

Species: Walnut


Door 5
natural wood kitchen cabinets | red gum

Wood veneer

Design: Slab

Species: Red gum

Finish: Clear

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